Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a DMX based system?

No, it is an SPI based system, that can be controlled in the three following ways:

1. The Parameters of the Control software, and be controlled via ArtNet and via physical DMX

2. There is a possibility to load special firmware into the master controller, this way it can directly be controlled via ArtNet. For further informations, please download the “Artnet pack” (support / downloads) and read the guide!

3. Outboard DMX-SPI driver., in this case the LEDBlade controller is not needed.

What is the maximum cable length between two units?

It is 4 meters If using 1 PSU and driving 1000 pixels.

The distance between the units is important because of the power loss on the cables. Several PSU-s can be used in one line (e.g. one at the start of the line, and another one at the end of it, or after a longer extension another one can be used) this way even a 10-15m extension can be done easily.

May I use a regular Microphone/DMX cables?

Only for signal transmission (between the master controller and PSU)! Between the PSU and LEDBlade or between LEDBlade and LEDBlade it is strictly forbidden!

What is the maximum cable length I can use between the PSU and the master controller?

In case of a regular Microphone/DMX cable, you can go up to 100 meters.

Is there any power connection on the Master Controller cards?

Yes there is no power connection, because it is “coming back” from the connected PSU. Basically every Master Controller is driven by four redundant power supplies.

How can I drive more than 8000 pixels

Several Master Controllers can be daisy chained using a Gigabit Ethernet switch.

Are there custom orders available?

Yes, depending on the ordered quantity, for more information, please get in touch with our sales department.

Can I use it in Broadcast environments?

Yes it is fully flicker free and totally camera friendly. The system’s frequency is the multiple of the Camera’s refresh rates.