Frequently Asked Questions

What is the control basis of the LEDBLADE system?
The LEDBLADE led strip system offers seamless control via its new core, the CRE:ON HD unit which is a power supply and a digital led strip controller card in one case serving as a “Hybrid Drive”. It supports the most common control protocols, such as ArtNet / sACN / Kling-Net standards and has the ability to control 1,000 pixels.
What is the maximum cable length between two LEDBLADE led strip units?
It is 4 meters when using a single CRE:ON HD unit on full load with 1,000 pixels. The distance between the units is important because of the power loss on the cables. More CRE:ON HD units (ONLY IN BYPASS MODE) can be used in one line (e.g. one at the start of the line, and another one at the end of it, or after a longer extension another one can be used) this way even a 10 to 15 m extension can be managed easily.
What cables should I use?
Please use cat5e or higher ranked cable for daisy chain CREONs and standard connectors for best result. On the output and between the LEDBLADE units use at least 3×1,5mm2 cables.
How can I drive more than 1,000 pixels with CRE:ON HD?
Several CRE:ON HD units can be daisy chained.
How many CRE:ON HD units can be connected in daisy-chain?
We suggest ten (10) CRE:ON HD units to be connected in daisy chain as maximum.
Can I use the LEDBLADE system in Broadcast environments?
Yes, it is fully flicker free and totally camera friendly. The system’s frequency matches the multiple of the Camera’s refresh rates.
Do you accept custom enquiries?
Absolutely. Please contact our sales department directly at [email protected] for more information.